Did Soak save your favourite blouse? Were the mini-soaks a lifesaver on your vacation? Did Carrie and Phil lend a helping hand in a unique way? We always love hearing your Soak stories and receiving feedback.


19 Comments on “Testimonials”

  1. Sara says:

    I have a wool sweater that I wear a lot to work because it’s cold in here. It is light coloured and gets dirty. It’s so easy to just put it in the sink with some Soak and it comes out good as new. It also smells really nice. I like the Flora and Aquae the best. This is a great easy way to care for your delicates

  2. This product does what it says. It cleans my handknits gently, rinses out easily and removes that wet dog smell from my wool sweaters. March 13 2009

  3. Warner says:

    Soak is great for those molded cup bras but local stores stopped carrying it. Thanks to Amazon I was able to buy it. Arrived quickly right before I ran out.

  4. Monica says:

    I actually use Soak for my handknits :). Especially love the citrus scent, which is really wonderful. I just fill up a plastic bucket with a gallon of cool water and then toss in a little Soak – little definitely goes a long way! I let it sit for a while, and then I use my large size Shamwow to get all the water out of the knit before blocking (if needed) and drying. I really like the no-rinse aspect of Soak, which really minimizes any possibility of felting through agitation (I’m totally paranoid).

  5. knittinwolf says:

    I love SOAK!!…first found it through Woolgirl.com. I use it for all my delicates, for my hand knit socks, hand knit everything, for my handspun after I spin. It’s also great for stains…if you pour some straight on a stain and let it sit it usually comes out!! Love it!

  6. Karen says:

    As much as I overall suck at packing the one thing that I always pack now is Soak soap. A lingerie store in Toronto got me on to it. I use it for all my hand-washables at home but took it with me when I travelled to Europe. I can wash tanks and camis in the sink and throw them over the shower rod to dry. In Europe we used it to wash socks, underwear and sweaters.

  7. Amanda says:

    I love Soak too! I have two bottles currently, and I use them to wash baby clothes, undies, and of course woolies. Sometimes to clean the carpet too since the baby always spills something hehee…

  8. Julie says:

    I love Soak and I also have it in citrus. It smells great!

  9. Rebecca says:

    This laundry detergent is completely scentless and it really works!
    It gets out grime, sweat, odors, and oils.
    I was surprised at how well it works.

    Though it says you don’t have to rinse the items, I still briefly rinse them anyway.
    But, it takes far less effort, because there are far less bubbles and soapiness.
    You do not even have to wring items out!

    Also, be sure to wash same colored clothing together!

    Overall, this soap made hand-washing day a breeze and with my allergies its nice to have a detergent that is formulated to be safe for me = )
    I will continue purchasing this item for the rest of my life.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The advantage is less stress on the threads

  11. anonymous says:

    Not having to rinse to get out residue soap is a real bonus

  12. Liam Baird says:

    Soak is amazing. I’d use it on anything!

    I use it for anything I don’t want to put in the washing machine. It’s easy and quick and I don’t need to worry about damaging my clothes! it keeps in the colour and it gentle on the fabric! soooooooooo great!

  13. Soak makes washing my delicates so much easier and is great on my wallet because I don’t have to take anything to a dry cleaner. Soak is also perfect to wash my hand-made quilts with because it is gentle and I don’t need to rinse a million times to get the suds out (in fact I don’t have to rinse at all)!

  14. Rhey says:

    I have sensitive skin (I’m allergic to most laundry detergents) and was worried about a product that doesn’t get rinsed out, but wanted to try it. I am so happy I did. My hand wash clothes come out clean and not heavily fragranced and I have had no skin reactions. I am very pleased and will buy again.

  15. Anonymous says:

    At the Guild we had a white quilt with marking pencil tracings that would not come out despite trying several different methods that usually work. We had a small sample of soak so decided to try it. We diluted it with a bit of water and dabbed it on the lines. Magically they disappeared leaving no residue and we had a much relieved quilt maker

  16. Meg says:

    I love Soak! I use it for all of my delicates and my handknits, as well. It’s so nice to finish a knit item and wash it in Soak before blocking, so that as I am pinning it out I can faintly smell the delicious fragrance of Aquae (or Unleashed- a new favorite of mine!).

    As I’ve seen other people mention, it’s great for travel as well. However, it’d be even more travel friendly if it came in an airline-approved 100ml bottle. (I like to travel entirely carry-on.)

    I’m definitely hooked on Soak. Thanks for making such a fabulous product!

    • soakwash says:

      Hi Meg,
      We’re glad you love Soak. We are currently working on a 3 oz travel sized bottle that is carry-on approved.
      Thanks for being a loyal Soak user!

  17. Lois Bresnahan says:

    I make tatted lace. I love color but my Christmas snowflakes are white. I tried Soak and they came out beautifully. I like the no rinsing thing. I’ve used it on some of my colored lace and it did a great job.

  18. Christina says:

    I took a silk blouse to the dry cleaners to be cleaned — I had cried on it and there were tear stains. It came back to me neatly pressed, but with traces of the tear stains. I dipped the affected portion in the Soak solution, and it removed the tear stains without damaging the blouse. I was very nervous about cleaning silk like this, but it turned out well. I will definitely try this on other things in the future.

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