101 Soak Uses

We’ve heard many stories of Soak and other Soak products being used in fun and unique ways. Every week we’ll add one more item to this list. If you have a fun Soak story, send it to us with a photo. If we feature your story, we’ll send you a little treat.

  1. Hand-wash lingerie and other delicate delights
  2. Blocking, felting, and finishing knit/crochet projects
  3. Prewashing fabrics for textile projects
  4. Washing stinky hockey gear
  5. Removing dirt and oil off wildlife
  6. Giving well loved teddies a bath
  7. Cleaning makeup brushes
  8. Washing canvas shoes
  9. Phil doubles as a cat bed
  10. Washing fabric purses
  11. Removing paint from brushes
  12. Washing swimwear
  13. Washing winter knits
  14. Carrie keeps your handwashables separate
  15. Sequins
  16. When the tags says “wash seperately”
  17. Soaking corn
  18. Quilts
  19. Autographed shirts
  20. Flip flops
  21. Clean your camera bags
  22. RC car filters
  23. Dog baths
  24. Golf clubs and balls
  25. Hosiery
  26. Canoe
  27. Carrie and Phil at the cottage
  28. Silicone adhesive undergarments
  29. University essentials
  30. Phil in the garden
  31. Phil helps to can tomatos
  32. Clean suitcases
  33. Life jackets
  34. Carpet/rugs
  35. Sand socks
  36. Hand wraps and bag gloves
  37. The walking cast
  38. Halloween costumes
  39. Finishing touch for gifts
  40. Dolls and toys
  41. Scented bubble baths
  42. Curtains
  43. Bath mats
  44. Throw
  45. Duffle bags

4 Comments on “101 Soak Uses”

  1. Lisa P says:

    I received a free sample of Soak at the Minnesota Knitters Guild yarnover – thank you! I had not tried Soak before, and it is wonderful for handknits! It’s a great way to care for my knits. Thank you!

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