Famous Government Officials…

At the recent TBDC awards, I was graciously invited to a private reception with the Lieutenant Governor Of Ontario. Here is a lovely shot of the group of finalists (all category winners, although we didn’t know for sure at the time of the reception) with the honourable David C. Onley.

Award Finalists + Lieutenant Governor of Ontario








On another equally exciting note, earlier this spring, we were graced by a visit from Mississauga’s Internationally recognized Mayor, Hazel McCallian, C.M. Hazel has been the Mayor of Mississauga for over 30 years. She is a legend. We had invited her (and many other local officials) to our open house last summer. Regrettably, she was unable to attend. She showed up in March with all of the notes from the summer’s event and her eagerness to learn about our product, tour our office and meet us herself. We were both honoured and thrilled by the impromptu visit. We liked her car too!

Jacqueline Sava + Mayor Hazel McCallian

Mayor 1


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