Organization of Women in Trade- Toronto, Women Exporter Award Nomination

I was recently asked to write, in under 300 words, how we, at Soak, advance women and/ or the image of Canadian business women through our business in submission to the OWIT Women Exporter Award. I was also recently told that good blog postings should be under 300 words. The coincidence suggests I should post my competition submission here. Let’s hope we win.

The foundation of our company Soak Wash Inc. is led and supported by Canadian business women. Our customers are (predominantly) women, from lingerie boutique owners, to department store buyers to international distributors. Many of our suppliers, consultants and advisors are also Canadian business women. Through our products and brand, we not only present Soak Wash Inc. to the international scene, but also the contributions of the many other women led organizations with whom we collaborate.

As active members in the community we work to promote women as business leaders and educated members of the community on women in business. Jacqueline is active with OWIT, Organization of Women in Trade, CYBF, sitting on the advisory board for the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, speaking at Toronto’s small business forum and lecturing/ teaching at various schools and organizations. We collect information on international issues, regulations etc., then, refine it, validate it, document it, apply it and store it for future reference. That way, when other business leaders ask us questions on topics where we may have struggled, we can quickly and easily offer up solutions, direction and our business’ success story as an example.

We also support new business owners by providing mentoring, guidance and leadership as young companies, led by women, take their first steps onto the international market. We would not be where we are today- UK, US, AUS, NZ, JAP if it weren’t for other women business leaders who gave us similar support when we needed it, as we grew.

We are proud of the international exposure our brand earns and strive towards representing Canadian businesses and women as we grow worldwide. We take this honour very seriously, knowing we represent more than the collective of our products and industry, we represent all Canadian business women.


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