a letter from Andrea, the summer intern…

I realized that I should really post the thank-you (love) letter to Soak from our summer intern Andrea. This is particularly important as she returns to our office Monday to work during her reading week. She was a dream to have at the office, we enjoyed teaching her as much as she enjoyed learning. This is her, along with her first knit scarf! Below find the letter she left for us on her last day.

Andrea, summer intern

Being a summer intern, entails me only staying at Soak for the summer.  I felt it was necessary to write you all a lovely send off message before I leave to go back to school so you will remember me (not like that will be hard, I am pretty awesome).  Jacqueline, I will be using your printer to print out this letter, luckily, it isn’t a resignation letter, so I have one up on that other guy who used your printer to print something of this sort off.

Moving on….I tend to ramble on with these sorts of things.  My friends always make fun of me for it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up to be about a page long.  Lucky for those of you who read it!

Working here this summer has been awesome.  I’ve definitely learnt on a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t have in another workplace and I really appreciate being able have that opportunity.  Also, I’m not complaining about how nice my hands smelt after doing some bottle washings.   

Knowing that you have a great group of people behind you to help you out everyday is fantastic, and made me feel a whole lot less intimidated.  I was able to break out of my shell and become a pretty different person.  Lots of laughs, and stories contributed to this extra boost of confidence.  I was able to get comfortable with everyone which makes coming into work everyday much easier.  I’d like to thank each and every one of you for contributing to that. 

Ailie: I wouldn’t want to share a stapler with anyone else.  I wish both you and baby best wishes.  Enjoy the big boy desk.  It’s only brought me good times.

Chris: I’d still be a non-knitter if it wasn’t for you.  Just thinking about that is unfortunate.  I will be wearing that purple scarf everyday come wintertime.  Thanks for helping me out with everything you did throughout this summer.  You are hilarious.  Just absolutely hilarious.

Jacqueline: 1. Thank you for my job.  I am forever grateful.  2. Best boss ever yes? Yes.  I’m most definitely not trying to kiss ass here. It’s most definitely true.  Thank you for letting me into Soak to learn AND work at the same time.  You are a fantastic person

Dafina: You’re super awesome, and great to work with! Have fun, and congrats again on being Canadian! 🙂

So I would like to leave you with one last thing.  The box area is both yours and my friend.  Be kind to it, it really did no harm to you.    

Have fun and don’t miss me too much.  I know it will be hard. -AL


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