101 things you can do with Soak |001 Hand-wash lingerie

Author: Jacqueline

Soak, while designed for all fine fibers, is the perfect (and generally preferred) solution for hand-washing lingerie.

Ask lingerie expert Jennifer Klein, from Secrets from your Sister, who recently answered the age old question- how to hand wash bras, on sweetspot.ca.

On February 18th we head off to NYC to our semi-annual tradeshow, CurveNY. There, we spread the word of Soak to lingerie boutique and department store buyers world-wide. We start with our basic hand-washing techniques, move through our delicate fragrances and talk about our award-winning packaging and designs. We’re also introducing Carrie + Phil, the latest members of the Soak collection.  Phil loves protecting hand-washables from the rest of the laundry and relieving the sink of its duties by providing a safe haven for Soaking.  Phil or no Phil, hand-washing lingerie on a regular basis prolongs its life and keeps it looking clean and stylish longer.

This pictorial review of Soak, said to ‘explain the phenomenon that Is Soak’ does just that, so, enough from us, get SOAKing.




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