Jacqueline’s latest attempt at (hand) knitting

Author: Jacqueline

You may very well know that I am, by training, a machine knitter. If you talked to my mother, you’d be told that I haven’t fully completed a hand-knit project since I was 12 years old. Arguably, I didn’t finish the purple and green checkered sweater I started then either. Well Mom, I did it. A real cable scarf. Here it is, all finished.

Made from lush Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky yarn (acquired directly from them as a gift at TNNA circa June 2009) these skeins sat in a Carrie Basin in my office begging to be knit for well, way too long. Chris dug out this pattern as a great hand-knitting refresher project, leading up to the yarn and pattern I picked up at this most recent TNNA.

It was love at first sight, in the ShiBuiKnits booth. I picked up the lush wrap off the chair and it fit me perfectly. I’m a tall gal, so it is rare that a pattern ever fits correctly the first time. As my eyes moved through the booth, spotting the perfect shade of green yarn alongside the pattern, I knew I had found my next (I say that like I’ve done a lot!) knitting project. 

The next step was clear, asking Chris (our Director of Sales and Operations and resident expert knitter) to have a look and advise on whether or not this project could become knitting reality or was better suited to the office yarn collection.  Chris too was taken by the colours and pattern, probably distracted more by the smile on my face while I was wearing the show sample.

It was determined that I could do it, and I set the goal (which I’m proclaiming again now) to be done by the next TNNA, June 2010.

It is 11:34, on a sunny morning in Mississauga. I’m casting on at lunch today. I brought my yarn bag home last night, to cast on this weekend, but I’m feeling as though my first casting on to circular needles might best be done under Chris’ supervision, so back to the office it came. 

As per Annie’s request, “Alright, I’m expecting a blog post from you pronto!” here it is, the beginnings of my Oscillation Wrap. I’m quite certain Pam Powers (via email) will become my new best friend as I work my way through the pattern. I’m going to track my progress weekly, using this forum as a way to accomplish not only continuity, but completion by my said goal date.

I started with a trip to The Purple Purl on knit night (Tuesdays, for those who wish to attend) to get needles, I photocopied the pattern so I could scribble and make notes and I turned the first skein into balls and filled my Lexie Barnes accessory bag with all the appropriate accoutrement.

12 weeks ’till TNNA.


3 Comments on “Jacqueline’s latest attempt at (hand) knitting”

  1. Pam Powers says:

    Hi Jacqueline…so glad to hear you’re tackling the Osc Wrap! Let me know if you need any advice or just moral support. Best…Pam

  2. Annie Bee says:

    You can do it, Jacqueline! Great choice of pattern, and of yarn. (And your scarf is looking gorgeous — nice to see it blocked out so beautifully!)

  3. etcgirl says:

    I’ll be here shaking my pom poms, and I expect a modelled catwalkby at TNNA. 🙂

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