Who knew? It actually looks like the picture in the pattern.

Author: Jacqueline

It has been a great week of knitting. My goal was to get past the pocket (photo 3 for anyone with the pattern) but alas, I only reached Photo 2 (half the pocket).  I dare say, I’m very impressed that my knitting even resembles the photograph.  There have been a few frogged and reknit rows, several sheets of scratched out, number counting and crossing out rows. I do believe I will never knit without my little row counter again.

Here it is, my wrap, photo 2.

week 2.

Why did I not find time in my week to reach photo 3, you ask? Well, last night, rather than knitting myself, I taught a couple of dear friends to knit instead.

Zoe and her mom Dana are living at SickKids. They’re going home for a week or so, but then they’ll be back. Off I went with my shiny needles (suprisingly Zoe picked the blue over the purple) and bulky yarn (pink and orange, of course). I brought a copy of Knit Simple magazine and of course, my current knitting project. From 6pm to 8:30, Zoe and Dana learned to knit. While I’m not an expert knitter, I am an expert teacher. Zoe was quick to catch on and super excited to tell her daddy about her new found skill. Dana’s fingers slowly remembered that they had once knit and she too got right into it. I’m certain there are websites with great tutorials for kids (do send via comments) and fun interactive ways for them to keep up their knitting. Zoe wanted to make a hat… I suggested she start with a scarf.

Zoe has a fanclub on facebook. So while you’re joining the Soak fan page rock on over to Zoe’s fan page. She needs the love too. And for all you knitters out there with extra stashes of yarn, Zoe likes pink and purple bulky yarn. If you’ve got extra, send it to the Soak office and I’ll pass it along, with love.

I’ve also learned, for future reference, that while pink, purple and white verrigated yarn is lovely, squishy and fun to knit, the changing colours were distracting for the new knitter, making it confusing to keep track of where to put the needle and hard to see the repetitive stitches forming. (It’s a teaching thing, I’m always looking for the lesson to improve next time).

Dana summed up our evening quite nicely. I couldn’t say it better myself. “Big day today. My little girl dyed her hair pink and then learned how to knit!”


One Comment on “Who knew? It actually looks like the picture in the pattern.”

  1. Gale says:

    I will look for some yarn for this beauitful little girl. What a great thing you are ding for her and her Mom.

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