101 things to do with Soak | 009 Phil becomes a cat bed

Author: Ngoc

Everyone here at the office loves Phil. We use him to soak our hand washables, and store our dirty lingerie. We plan on taking him with us to the park to use as an ice bucket, or to wash the sand off our feet at the end of a beach trip.

We never even considered that we’d have to share him with our furry friends. One of our customers, Katherine, sent us her story about how Phil has now become property of her beloved Winnie Fat Cat.
Property of Winnie Fat Cat
Winnie Fat Cat in all her 14 years of wisdom knows a stylish bed when she sees one. She thinks of Phil as hers and no one would dare to argue otherwise. One day, Katherine heard Winnie Fat Cat calling out loudly. When she went to investigate the situation, she learned that the reason for Winnie’s cries were due to the fact that Phil had been rotated and pushed into a corner so that the handles were no longer accessible. Now why would this be a situation you ask? Well the textured handles on Phil that were designed for easier carrying, are also perfect for scratching your face against if you are a cat. After moving Phil so the handles faced outwards, Winnie quieted down and began to scratch her face. What a character she is.

Thanks Winnie Fat Cat and Katherine for the story and the great photos!

Would you like to surprise your furry family member with a new bed? Phil is now available for purchase at soakwash.com.


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