101 things to do with Soak | 011 Removing Paint from brushes

Author: Ngoc

Paint + rollers + brushes = An easy way to refresh and update a room. Nothing changes a room as fast as a new coat of paint. Now add Soak to the equation for a quick painless cleanup.

If you are anything like me, then you’re guilty of abandoning your paint covered brushes as soon as the first coat is done, to sit, relax and reward yourself with a drink. This results in many curses the next day when you go to paint your second coat, only to find the rollers and brushes completed caked in dry paint due to your laziness the day before. 10 minutes will then be spent trying to remove the dried paint before giving up and making a trip to the hardware store to pick up another set. To avoid this frustration and extra cost, I’ve vowed to take a page from Jacqueline’s book and become a diligent brush washer.

Jacqueline is in the midst of renovating her apartment one room at a time. She is no stranger to primer, paint, rollers and brushes. She’s taken photos to show us all how painless and easy it is to wash your brushes with Soak as soon as you are done using them.

Pour a little soak on the brush and swish it around your hand to remove most of the paint.Cleaning Brush

Don’t forget to wash between the bristles.Cleaning bristles

As good as new and ready to tackle on another day of painting.Clean brush

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