101 things to do with Soak | 012 Wash swimwear

Author: Ngoc

Some girls love shoes, others love purses, I love swimsuits. They are colorful and bright and when they start popping up in stores, it means that my favourite season is just around the corner.

As many of you lucky ones are getting ready for your vacations, remember to wash your swimsuit after every beach or pool trip. Take care of your suit and it can last you through several summers. Washing is especially important after swimming in a pool as the chlorine can damage the fibers and weaken the elasticity of the fabric. If going on vacation, remember to take a few single use mini-soak packets so you can easily hand wash in your hotel sink.

I absolutely cannot wait for summertime. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, you can hear the chimes of the ice cream truck, picnics are had, pools are open, and beaches are filled with happy smiling people. In an attempt to persuade mother nature into giving us Ontarians some nice warm weather, I’ve decided to put away all my winter clothing and pull out my bright colorful spring/summer wardrobe including all of my swimsuits.

I know I have more swimsuits than any sensible marketing coordinator living in Toronto should have.

I like to give my swimsuits a quick wash at the start of the season as they’ve been sitting in a box for a good 8 months. Luckily for me, my Carrie and bottle of Soak made this process very easy.

I put all my suits into Carrie, let them soak for 15 mins and rolled them in towels to absorb most of the water. You can lay them flat or leave on a drying rack to dry. Do not throw them in the dryer as the heat can damage your suit and ruin the elastic in the material.

Nice and clean. Now all I need is the sun.

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