First stop, London.

Author: Jacqueline

Dear friends,
Welcome to London. I have arrived in the most beautiful city.

We’ve explored a few areas and here are some highlights. The tube is both convenient and stylish, carrying us around town with ease and grace.
Tube 1

I spent a day with Alice, our new UK National Account Manager, 

seeing lovely architecture and I have once again found my passion for textures and reflections. 

The rain has stopped for the week and the sun is up in London.

Rain 2

Dear Karyn and Chris,
While our field trip last week to Brimfield Mass was exceptional, I strongly suggest that next year we go to Brick Lane and Spitalfields Markets in London.

The antiques were exceptional,

the food was extraordinarily tasty and colorful,

and the people were dressed with unparalleled style.

Dear Jenn,
While the style is lovely, the undergarments are even better. I’ve secured an article from the London Observer on why UK bra sizes have shifted so significantly in recent times, and have once again visited Tabio my favorite Japanese hosiery shop.

Dear Amy Singer,
I have stumbled across the Duke of Uke. Here are the photos, they look forward to your visit.

Next stop,visits with our London retailers. Have a great day, wherever you are.


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