101 things to do with Soak | 016 When the tag says “wash separately”

Author: Ngoc

Don’t you love when the tag says “wash separately”? Throwing it in with the rest of your laundry could result in excess dye staining the rest of your clothing, but washing it alone in the machine just seems wasteful. This is my dilemma with red shirts. I love red t-shirts. I don’t love how many of them run the first time you wash them.

I have a cousin who only likes fans and vacuums. ‘Likes’ is a fairly modest word, obsessed might be more suitable. He’s loved them since he was 3 (that was almost 10 years ago) and carries them everywhere. He lives in the States and every time he comes to visit, you can be sure that he’ll bring along at least 3 fans and a vacuum. You can also count on the fact that he’ll vacuum your home when he visits. When he walked down the aisle at my aunt’s wedding as a ring bearer, he had a pillow in one hand and a fan in the other. He called and informed me that he’d be coming to visit on his birthday. So what do you get a kid who only loves 2 things? Well I decided to get him t-shirts with pictures of vacuums and fans on them.
My aunt and uncle modelling the shirts. 

I didn’t want his mom to curse me later on if she accidentally threw the brand new red shirt in with the rest of his laundry and turned everything pink. So I handwashed with some Soak to remove most of the excess dye and give it a nice light aquae scent. It took me about 4 washes before the water stopped coming out bright red. 

Even after the second rinse, the water was still coming out bright red. This could have resulted in many pairs of pink tinted socks.

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