101 things to do with Soak | 021 Clean your camera bag

Author: Ngoc

Snow, dirt, mud, clay, chocolate, sand, juice, and sweat.  These are just a few of the substances that you’ll find on my camera bags.

Just this past weekend, my camera, inside its bag, went with me to the beach, to a clay pit, and to the pride parade. I always, at any given time have at least one camera with me. On the weekend, while I was standing outside in the scorching heat with my camera strapped around my neck and the bag on my shoulders, realized that there is about 5 years’ worth of sweat accumulated on these straps. It was about time that I gave my bags a nice thorough washing. If you keep your bag fairly clean, then you can just periodically spot clean them as needed.


The bags and straps I washed are made fabric, vinyl, foam, mesh and nylon.  I filled up my orange Carrie basin with warm water, added Soak, and dropped in my bags. Make sure you remove your camera first! You have to dunk them under the water and swish them around every once in a while since the foam padding makes them float.

After soaking for 15 mins, I gave the bags a quick rinse and hung them outside to dry. With the sun beaming down in the 38 degree weather, they dried quickly and are now ready to go with me on my next adventure.


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