101 things to do with Soak | 024 Golf clubs and balls

Author: Ngoc

The other day when I went to visit my friend Ryan, I found him in his washroom with his golf clubs and a bottle of Soak. With the Canadian Open just wrapping up on the weekend, it seems appropriate that this weeks post is dedicated to the ever popular and frustrating game of golf.

So when I walked in to find him with his clubs and Soak in hand, I asked him what he was doing and he explained that he was going to wash his clubs. “Do you always use Soak?” I asked. He explained that he used to use dish soap, but one time he grabbed the bottle of Soak because it was conveniently located by the washroom sink instead of having to run downstairs to grab the dish soap. He went on to say that he now always uses Soak because it “just smells nice.”

I’m not much of a golfer myself, I’ve occasionally been spotted at the driving range but I don’t have my own set of clubs, so I’ve never had to wash them before.

To wash your clubs, you can give them a soak with handles facing downward and use a soft clean washcloth to gently scrub off any dirt and oils.

Then turn them around and dip the heads into the Soak water. You can use one of the handy golf club brushes to gently scrub the faces to remove the dirt stuck in the grooves.

You can leave your balls to soak dry them off with a clean wash cloth.

He explained to me that there are a few reasons to keep your clubs clean.

  1. A clean club face and ball will allow for better contact between the club and the ball during your swing. If you have dirt stuck in the groves on the ball and the club face, it makes the surfaces more slippery and gives you less control. He also made a jab at my golfing abilities saying that a person of my caliber probably wouldn’t notice the difference.
  2. Clean handles/grips will make them “tackier” and give you a better grip when you swing.
  3. A good club or driver is very expensive. And once you find a club that is perfect for your needs, you want to take care of it so it’ll look great and last longer.


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