101 things to do with Soak | 027 Carrie and Phil. Cottage companions.

Author: Ngoc

Every year, my friend’s family graciously opens up their house for our annual weekend reunion. They’ve been building this beautiful cottage for the past five years and we’re all very lucky to be able to catch up in such a relaxing and beautiful place. We’ve been going once a year since high school and it’s an annual trip that is eagerly anticipated by all. It’s the one time of the year where I get to see my friends that have moved away for work.

Carrie and Phil happened to be in my car so I decided to leave them out on the dock to see how my friends would use them. I snapped a few photos of them in action.

Phil holding some cottage essentials: dry towels, a good book, sunscreen and a pair of binoculars. We were lucky enough to spot a beautiful loon and haron while we relaxed on the water.

Carrie flipped upside down made a great foot rest.

The water was beautiful and we spent a lot of time hanging out on the floating dock. We kept sending one person in to grab drinks and snacks but with only two hands, you can only carry so many at a time. This is when Phil jumped in and graciously helped out. We were able to pile a bunch of drinks and chips in him and float him across the water! Once he made it to the floating dock, we used him to throw our garbage in so they wouldn’t fall into the water. How handy!

All in all, it was a very successful weekend with my new cottage companions, Carrie and Phil. Can’t wait to do it all again next year.


2 Comments on “101 things to do with Soak | 027 Carrie and Phil. Cottage companions.”

  1. Soak Fan says:

    Nice pictures. I was going to place an order until I realized you don’t really need my money. I totally can’t afford a cottage like that.

    • soakwash says:

      This unbelievably beautiful house/cottage was slowly built by my friend and his dad over the past 5 years. All my friends and I are truly grateful that they open up their home to us once a year.

      We are a small company and appreciate the great support that we’ve received from all our customers. We work really hard to produce great products that we think everyone will love. If you haven’t tried Soak yet, I’d love to send you a sample. You can email me at ngoc@soakwash.com if you have any questions.


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