It’s Friday and I’m bagged. Week 29. This bag is Magic

Author: Jacqueline 

Grab a coffee or tea and join us each Friday, to learn how these Soak worthy bags came to be. Are you bagged? Send us your favorite bag. If we feature it here, we’ll send you a Soak gift pack, in a pretty bag, of course!

Last week Soak exhibited at Magic in Las Vegas. We had a great show, welcoming several new Soak accounts such as Lucy B Lingerie, and Apricot Lane as well as seeing old friends like My Philosophy, and Anne van Hauwaert, While seeing friends was the highlight of the show, there were some pretty spectacular bags walking around.

The most coveted one featured Hello Kitty and Elmo, crazy I know. Jane from Itty Bitty Bra scored one of those. 


There were several other shows going on during Magic, such as Workroom, which happened to boast my favourite bag of the week. Sorry Karyn I couldn’t snag you one, I tried. They were for buyers only. 


The Kersh bag was the most functional, soft cotton, pretty and stylish- definitely a bag that might have use in real life. 


The Playboy bag was the shiniest bag, no surprise, but I can’t quite figure out where I’d use it post-show. 


I brought home a few other bags to add to our office stash. We use them for post office runs, store visits and taking work home on the weekends. I wonder of I’d get to cut the line at the post office with a playboy bag? I’ll keep you posted.


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