Tidy mind, tidy stitches. Knitting and Crochet Blog Week

Author: Jacqueline

As business people in the yarn industry and avid crafters, we are often gifted yarn. Lots of yarn. Some we claim for our individual projects, some we gift again, but most we keep at the office, cued up in the land of imaginary projects and endless time, displayed for our enjoyment as decorative art.

Carrie is in charge of yarn organization. She is the master of style, protector of all pretty string, to borrow the phrase from Lorna’s Laces. Before Carrie, you see, yarn was scattered throughout the office, in boxes, in the warehouse, on shelves and under desks.  It was chaos. There was no rhyme or reason to the piles, just yarn arriving and being abandoned amongst the magazines, bags and other samples.

Carrie gave the yarn status. She organized the stash by a full range of criteria. In one group is the Louet yarn, including our Creative Juices collection in Gems Merino.

You can use this yarn, but only if you have a special project in mind. Another classification contains single skeins of delicious colours, exclusive samples and precious yardage earmarked for only the most exclusive projects. You have to ask Carrie really nicely to secure yarn from this stash. Guests who peruse our yarn stashes are steered away from this group.

Then there’s the bin of yarns that, while lovely and vibrant, are misfits, random balls, samples and promotional pieces that seem to have appeared out of nowhere, but have chosen our office as their home.

Carrie loves all yarn. She provides safe havens for all of our stash, regardless of its past, present or future. She has also reduced the yarn clutter from the office library, from my office (in particular, as I didn’t used to part easily from my yarn) and from our minds. We are all confident that our yarn is better off thanks to Carrie’s presence at the office.

Like a good friend, Carrie also offered to help organize our home-based yarn stashes. Her wise ways are as useful in the office as they are in personal spaces, keeping our minds and homes clutter free so we can focus on our knitting.

Want your yarn (or other creative stuff) organized, at home or work? Invite Carrie over and your stash will never be the same. She can’t wait to meet you.


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