Last minute Soak

We receive many emails from Soak users telling us how Soak helped them out in a last-minute laundry emergency. Ann shared her story with us and I wanted to share it with all of you.

At approximately 9:38 pm my son (who is a part of the Etobicoke School of the Arts) comes to me and says…

Son – “Mom, I am going to be on television tomorrow!”
Me“That’s great!”
Son“Ummmm, I need to have my costume washed…”
Me “What time do you leave the house tomorrow?”
Son – “5″
Me “AM or PM?”

Thankfully I am friends with Jacqueline the inventor and President of this great no rinse product called Soak Wash. So I quickly washed the shirt in SOAK, and ironed it so he had a nice clean, crisp shirt for his tv appearance.  

Click on the image to watch the video clip on Breakfast Television. Their choir appears at 33.44 mins. Thanks for sharing your story Ann!

PS. His choir competed in the finals the following weekend and placed second, winning $1000 for their school! How exciting!

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