101 things to do with Soak | Roller Derby

My only frame of reference when it comes to Roller Derby is what I saw in the previews for Whip It. So when one of our customers posted on our facebook wall that she used Soak to wash her roller derby pads, I was quite intrigued.

When I started talking asking around about roller derby, I was surprised at how many people actually knew someone that played. After watching a few videos on youtube, I think I’ve gathered a basic understanding of the rules. What I really loved though, were the bright colours of the uniforms and the fun names that teams have come up with. Any sport where you can wear bright coloured socks is a-ok in my books.  Give Em Hale of the Jewel City Rollergirls sent me these great photos taken by Justin Brock. She keeps her protective gear clean and smelling fresh by giving them a bath in Soak. As always, leave your garment to soak for 15 mins, squeeze out excess water and lay flat or hang to dry.

I think I’ll have to rent Whip It tonight and curl up with a big bowl of popcorn to finish up my roller derby research.

Thank you so much for sharing your fun use for Soak!


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