Roadtrip Project -part 2

It wasn’t far down the coast when I realized my fancy new needles wouldn’t hold all my stitches. One of the yarn reps back in Seattle had suggested circulars, but I favored Rosewood.


I used my handy-dandy ravelry app to find a nearby LYS and lucked out at T-Spot in Manzanita. We were just passing it when I saw it pop up on the map. Circular needles, here we go!


I started again, loving the pattern.


And continued knitting along the coast. I think I’ll wear it tomorrow! Might have to make another one too! The drop stitches are lovely and the color matches my coastal trip perfectly.



One Comment on “Roadtrip Project -part 2”

  1. Manzanita looks amazing and I love all the yarn colors in the LYS you found! Looks like a great trip!

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