Photoshoot Friday

Jacqueline smiling for the camera

We had a busy Friday morning as we posed for photos and made instructional videos. Jessica Lin came in to take photos for our editorial in Crave Toronto. Crave is a great urban guide that highlights events, must-have products, and great places to visit within the city. Since we were already being friendly with the camera, we thought we’d make a few ‘how to’ videos to answer some of the questions that we’ve had from customers. This week we focused on how to wash silk and hand-made craft accessories. Next week we’ll focus on lace and big bulky sweaters. Stay tuned to see them on our Youtube channel. Let us know if there are any specific materials or garments that you would like to see Soaked.


One Comment on “Photoshoot Friday”

  1. Beautiful photos of you Jacqueline! And who made that quilt?? Linda.

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