Carrie and Phil in the Soak Warehouse


Carrie and Phil in the Warehouse

Carrie and Phil in the Warehouse

Here at Soak, we care about growing a sustainable business and minimizing our negative environmental impact. In everything we do we carefully consider our actions and how they affect the world around us. This is why Soak is dye and phosphate free, biodegradable, non-toxic, and our 3oz bottles are made out of 100% post-consumer resin. We are very proud to have created such a high quality product; however, creating that product is only a small part of what it takes to run our business.

We believe it’s important to maintain these values throughout all aspects of what we do.  Every day we ship products from our home in Toronto to destinations around the world. When it comes to stuffing our boxes and protecting Soak through the shipping process, we always opt for the first step in the magic triangle of reuse – reduce – recycle. We want our products to arrive safe and sound whether the destination is Los Angeles, Berlin, Melbourne or Vancouver. It would be easier to use crisp new paper, boxes, bubble wrap, and foam peanuts.  Instead, we collect shrink wrap from skids, scrap paper, used boxes and anything else that can be reused to keep Soak safe on its way from us, to you.

The most difficult thing about using recycled leftovers in our packing is trying to keep all the odds and ends that come through our warehouse orderly and in one place. After brainstorming to find a solution, we realized the answer was right in front of us! We now employ a host of Carrie and Phil basins to keep our packing supplies neat and tidy. We found this to be quite the testament to the innumerable uses of the versatile Carrie and Phil.




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