Lost on Flickr?

Author: Ngoc

We know how frustrating it can be when you can’t find the picture that you want. We’ve had a lot of requests from people to put up a blog posting on how to search for images on our Flickr site. Hopefully by the end of this post, you will have no trouble navigating and finding exactly what you need.

Our photos are organized into collections and sets. Collections are made up of sets, and sets are made up of photos.We recommend starting in the collections view at www.flickr.com/soakwash/collections or by clicking on the collections tab.
Each collection has a mosaic showing some of the images that you will find inside. Click on the collection that you need and it will open up and show the sets of photos included in the collection.

In this instance, I selected the “Inspired by everything Ravelry” collection. You can see that there are 3 sets within this collection.Next you click on the set that best describes the photo that you want. For our example, I selected “Creative Juices yarns”. That will then take you to a page that shows all the individual images that are included in that set.

Once you find the photo you want to use, select it to enlarge the photo. You can change the size to one that suits your needs by clicking “+all sizes” above the top left hand corner of the image.

You will be taken to a window that shows all the available sizes. Select the size you need and click download. A window will pop up, click save and then choose the destination.

Once you’ve downloaded the image, you can return to our other photos by clicking “back to the Flickr photo page” on the top left hand corner of the screen.


Search using tags

We have used tags to further organize all of our photos. In the tags view, it shows words that have been used to describe our photos. For instance, clicking on the word ‘bottle’ will open up a window that includes all of our images that have been tagged with the word ‘bottle’.

Still lost? Email Ngoc@soakwash.com for a personal tour.

Candy Apples and the Entrepreneur Hour

Friday afternoon I had the pleasure of taping an episode of the E-hour with Steve Stunt. (air date to follow, I think this Sunday the 29th) With me was fellow entrepreneur Paul Moyer of Moyer’s Candy Apples. We chatted about our experiences in business and in the Dragons’ Den. Paul’s family has an apple farm and is now well-known for his candy apples.

On my regular trip to the market Saturday, I realized that I was already quite familiar with Paul’s products. In addition to securing a candy apple, I stumbled upon the most elegant form of cauliflower, cauliflower romanesco. It was love at first sight, and dinner Sunday. Yum. All were carried home in my favorite market bag, from Borough Market, in London England.

DreamUp- Jacqueline’s session on Selling into Big Business

Yesterday I spoke at the Small Business Forum 2009, Dream Up, in Toronto. My session was entitled Selling to Big Business- Courting, seducing and building everlasting (and profitable) relationships). We had great fun talking business and networking. We gave out lots of mini-soaks too!

Jacqueline + W. Brett Wilson @ Dream Up

Among other interesting people, I had a chance to re-connect with W. Brett Wilson, from Dragons’ Den. He remembered Soak and the pitch (how fantastic!). We talked Soak, the Den, business etc. That’s another story though, post soon to follow.

Here is the link to the presentation. Please respect the fact that I created and own the content, images and reference to our Soak customers. Ask for permission if you want to use the content. I look forward to staying in touch with everyone I met yesterday. Congratulations to Enterprise Toronto for hosting such a spectacular event.

Seven days until Dragons’ Den

DDLogoWe are excited, we are nervous, we are energized. Well, I’m nervous and everyone else is excited and energized.

CBC, 8pm EST. Dragons’ Den. October 14, 2009

Watch, cheer, tell your friends!

I love photoshoots.

Working with the photographer to create beautiful, contemporary images for our business and our customers is one of my greatest pleasures. 

Here is a glimpse of how our day went.

celebration + lace
celebration + lace

Strategic Professional Selling Lecture @ Schulich

Tonight I (Jacqueline- creator of all things Soak) am speaking at Schulich School of Business, York University.  My MBA is from Schulich, in case that isn’t obvious.  I’ll be in a class on Strategic Professional Selling. Ajay Sirsi, PhD is the professor at hand.

 Ajay has recently launched his own marketing book, Marketing: A Roadmap to Success (I’ve included the retail link- if you’d like to reach Pearson Ed, email me). I also use this great text in the course I teach at George Brown College- Design Strategy, in the Post Grad program in the School of Design.

Tonight’s lecture is about the experiences and challenges of selling into retail accounts (especially key accounts, Sears in Canada, for example).

This lecture is a first round for the upcoming Small Business Forum hosted by Enterprise Toronto, where I’ll have my very own full session on key account sales. Description below:

Courting, seducing and building everlasting (and profitable) relationships. At Soak we’re passionate about business. From the products we make, to the tools we create, the presentations we design, our brand, our relationships and our endless enthusiasm. Learn strategies and key insights on how to take your business from a few accounts to profitable key accounts- selling into big business.

If you’re interested in the full slide deck, send comments and I’ll post them when they are finalized.

Organization of Women in Trade- Toronto, Women Exporter Award Nomination

I was recently asked to write, in under 300 words, how we, at Soak, advance women and/ or the image of Canadian business women through our business in submission to the OWIT Women Exporter Award. I was also recently told that good blog postings should be under 300 words. The coincidence suggests I should post my competition submission here. Let’s hope we win.

The foundation of our company Soak Wash Inc. is led and supported by Canadian business women. Our customers are (predominantly) women, from lingerie boutique owners, to department store buyers to international distributors. Many of our suppliers, consultants and advisors are also Canadian business women. Through our products and brand, we not only present Soak Wash Inc. to the international scene, but also the contributions of the many other women led organizations with whom we collaborate.

As active members in the community we work to promote women as business leaders and educated members of the community on women in business. Jacqueline is active with OWIT, Organization of Women in Trade, CYBF, sitting on the advisory board for the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, speaking at Toronto’s small business forum and lecturing/ teaching at various schools and organizations. We collect information on international issues, regulations etc., then, refine it, validate it, document it, apply it and store it for future reference. That way, when other business leaders ask us questions on topics where we may have struggled, we can quickly and easily offer up solutions, direction and our business’ success story as an example.

We also support new business owners by providing mentoring, guidance and leadership as young companies, led by women, take their first steps onto the international market. We would not be where we are today- UK, US, AUS, NZ, JAP if it weren’t for other women business leaders who gave us similar support when we needed it, as we grew.

We are proud of the international exposure our brand earns and strive towards representing Canadian businesses and women as we grow worldwide. We take this honour very seriously, knowing we represent more than the collective of our products and industry, we represent all Canadian business women.

Soaking up her MBA

"Before the MBA, I wouldn't even know where to find a company's annual report," says Jacqueline Sava.

See Jacqueline in today’s FP Executive section of the Financial Post.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

This week is Entrepreneurship Week. Join Jacqueline @ the Toronto Business Development Centre, Wednesday November 19th from 5-7pm to celebrate with other successful, local entrepreneurs. She will be speaking about Soak along with Adam from Monster Factory, Jodi from Sinden Home and Jeff from Joy Apparel.

Every day at Toronto Business Development Centre we recognize the importance of helping make the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs come true. We are proud to support Entrepreneurship Week Canada and to join in the global effort (Global Entrepreneurship Week) to raise awareness of the importance of youth entrepreneurship. Let’s celebrate the great accomplishments of the youth who make us all proud.”