Brimfield Antique Market

Last week was the week Jacqueline, Karyn (from the workroom) and I look forward to all year. It was the Brimfield Antique Market, the place where you can find anything and everything if you have the time and the patience. 

This was our second trip to Brimfield. We only went for one day last year but we didn’t even come close to seeing all that there was to see. 

The show is 2 miles long on either side of the road.  It is field upon field of astonishing things. Within 10 minutes of being on the fields last year, we knew it would be an annual trip and that one day was not nearly enough.

We decided to upgrade from the Super 8 and stayed at the lovely Publick House for two nights. We drove to Massachusetts on Monday so that we could spend Tuesday and Wednesday morning at the show before driving back to Toronto. I say Wednesday morning but when you get up at 5:30 and walk the show until noon, it’s a pretty long morning. 

We are each drawn to different things and tend to shop in different ways. 

I love the shoes, jewelry, and linens. Karyn was in search of new chairs and stools for the shop. Jacqueline wanted a patio set or a chandelier though she loves the dishes and glassware, too. 

It is easy to be distracted from your goal.  There is so much to wonder at.

Can’t wait to see what there is to see next year.