Week 9 – Binding off

Author: Ngoc
Every day at the Soak office, some time between 11:30 and 1:00, we all gather our lunches and sit around our big white table together. Our lunch breaks are usually full of talk about our lives outside of Soak whether it be a new restaurant we frequented, a new love interest, or a funny story about our families or the kids in our lives.

This particular lunch was all about knitting as we ate and watched Jacqueline finish the last few rows of her shawl that she has ambitiously taken on as her first big hand knitting project.

Wrap Week 8

8 weeks after she has started, she was able to bind off the last stitch and put down her needles. Of course we all wanted her to put it on and showoff all her hard work.

Wrap week 8

Doesn’t it look just absolutely fantastic and extremely warm? Now all she needs to do is sew in the ends, give it a good soak to remove the lingering vinegar smell, and block.

The Goal: to complete the Oscillation wrap before TNNA. I’d say Jacqueline is going to reach her goal way ahead of schedule.
Next project? Perhaps a delicate lace scarf?