Our Card Tree.

Season’s Greetings. Happy Holidays. Thank-you. Keep Knitting. These are a few of the wonderful cards we’ve received lately from our friends, family and customers. We love when a fun card or letter shows up in our mail box. After we’ve all had a chance to look at the card, we proudly display it on our card tree.

I wanted to point out two especially fun cards that we’ve recently received.

The first is is a great group photo from the Men’s Fall knitting retreat. They sent us a very kind thank-you letter for our goodie bag contribution. Look at all those wonderful smiling faces!

The second card that we thought was especially fun was from Clara Parkes and her knitting retreaters. They all signed the thank-you card. How thoughtful!

Every year, I have every intention of making fun holiday cards for all my friends and family. I always tell myself that I have plenty of time and then the next thing I know, it’s the middle of December and I have yet to grab any craft supplies. One fun card idea we saw this year was the use of knitted squares to create knit prints on cards. I didn’t make one so I don’t have a photo to show you but the basic idea is to knit a square with an interesting design, use a roller or brush to paint a thin layer of paint on the square and press it on the front of a blank card. It should leave a pretty knitted design on the paper when you remove the square.

If you are feeling crafty, and decide to try this tecnique out, send us a photo of the finished results.