Trick or Treat

Remember to treat your friends with mini-soaks this halloween.


One Comment on “Trick or Treat”

  1. Jen Hunter says:

    Hi! Just saw you on Dragon’s Den – nice work! I am shocked Arlene didn’t create a business relationship – it looked to me like she was genuinely aware of the work and potential of your business. I love the trick or treat idea… very cool and innovative! I am sure you are promoting at Bridal shows, etc – and I was just telling my husband that this is a big up-sell product at Victoria’s Secret, etc where we buy our lovely lingere 😀

    One question I have for you is have you assessed the sustainability angle of your product? Is it a green product? What are the outflows of it – in other words what heads into the water as a by-product? I believe this is a significant opportunity to be capitalized on – especially now – and I think your product eliminates a rinse process – which cuts down on both waste and water use – which is good – other questions about it’s “green-ness” and Soak’s company profile exist … call me if you want to chat a little more! Way to GO! Cheers and good luck! Jen Hunter (613) 858-0874

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