It’s Friday and I’m bagged. Week 14: The Brag Company

It’s been a busy month filled with travels, lingerie, and trade shows here at the Soak office and it’s only going to be busier in May. Just this past week we made a trip to visit Jen from Secrets from your Sister and we’ve acquired some new beautiful bras that we will be taking with us on our travels. If you’ve ever stuffed a bra into your suitcase, then you’ll know that sometimes they don’t quite survive the trip. You end up with squished cups and creases. Next time try a bra bag from the Brag Company.

Jane from the Brag Company has given us some great bra bags and panty paks that protect and organize your bras and panties while on the go. The bra bag has a hard outer shell and can hold up to 6 bras. 


They also make convenient panty paks that have two separate compartments, one for clean panties, and the other for not so fresh panties. 


These cute bags are particularly handy at the end of your trip when organizing your suitcase is not at the top of your priority list. The bra bag will discourage you from just stuffing your bras into your suitcase which can squish the cups and cause creases.


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