101 things to do with Soak | 013 Washing winter knits

Author: Ngoc

It’s that time of year when you collect all your scarves, toques, neck warmers, balaclavas, and other winter knits and pack them away until next winter.

I am an embarrassingly slow knitter and can usually only finish one project before the snow melts. This year I used Louet’s Riverstone wool to knit myself a pretty burgundy slouch. Unfortunately for me I only got to wear it about 5 times before the weather warmed up.


Now as much as present Ngoc wants to just throw all these knits into a box and go outside to enjoy the sunshine, she knows that future Ngoc will be very sad when she goes to open that box next winter only to find them full of moth holes. Do your future self a favour and take the necessary steps to prevent moths from having a feast in your knits. 

The best way to prevent moths from ruining your garments is to keep them clean. Moths are especially attracted to dirty fibers that smell sweaty. Giving your winter knits a good washing in Soak before storing will help to ensure that you get another season’s wear out of them. 

Once clean, store your winter knits in a tightly sealed container. Now give yourself a pat on the back from your future self and go outside and enjoy the weather.


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