Travelling Mini-soaks

We constantly get emails and praise from our customers about how mini-soaks have become a must bring item on their travels. The little single use packets are great in hotel rooms to wash hosiery, swim wear, blouses, or almost any garment for that matter. I’ve also heard stories of people bringing them on road trips, or when back packing because it allows them to pack light an easily wash their outfits without a washing machine or a large amount of water. I wanted to share some of the great photos that I’ve received from our world travellers. Did Soak go with you on your latest trip? Send me your photos and fun vacation stories.

Mini-soaks by a fountain in the Rathaus in Basel, Switzerland

A menu in Strasbourg, France

On a ship on the Rhine.

Luzern, Switzerland

 Citrus strapped to a bicycle on a Canal in Amsterdam.

Celebration mini-soaks in China.

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