101 things to do with Soak |040 dolls and toy animals.

Dolls, toys, and fake acrylic hair.

This wonderful photo was posted on our facebook wall by one of our customers. She had filled her bathtub with water and Soak and let her dolls take a nice relaxing swim.

During the holidays, I had a ‘my little pony’ that I wanted to include with a friend’s gift. They’ve completely changed the way these ponies look and I wanted one that was similar to the one he used to play with as a kid. I bought a used one online and wondered if the fake acrylic pony hair would make it through a shampoo. I figured if worse came to worse, I could buy another pony so I grabbed my Soak and a toothbrush and got to work.

The tooth brush was great to get into the little crevices and in the pony ears. I put a tiny bit of Soak in the pony hair and gently lathered.

I gave the hair a quick brush when it was drying to detangle it and left it standing on a towel to air dry.

Once the pony dried, she looked as good as new! The hair was soft and shiny and smelled delicious! Thank you Celebration Soak.

He had a good laugh when he opened his present and saw the pretty pony sitting on top.


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