Something to Aspire to. Knitting and Crochet Blog Week

Author: Jacqueline

Four letters, four needles, four inches. For a girl who can knit sweaters and cables, there is one short word that scares the needles right out of my hands: sock.

For no apparent reason, I am terrified of knitting socks. I’m not sure if it is the really fine yarn, the skinny needles, my long fingers or lack of experience on double points, but I just haven’t convinced myself to conquer socks.

On the other hand, I am a great admirer of fancily designed and beautifully executed knit socks. When we launched Heel- our foot cream for feet worthy of hand-knit socks, we asked our good friend Amy Singer of to recommend a fantastic local sock designer to work with for our label photography. We not only love working with great designers, but also love finding them locally. Kate Atherley was our go-to girl for socks, patterns and perfectly executed samples.  

I took great pleasure guarding the sock stash, sorting through colours and designs, matching them to Heel labels and graphic designs. We photographed toes, heels, feet from the bottom and socks from the top. The only downside to the sock experience was that Kate’s samples don’t fit my big feet! Luckily, Shannon Okey’s publishing company Cooperative Press is launching a book by Big Foot Knits this summer by sock designer Andi Smith, of Knit Brit. Maybe her larger patterns will inspire me to tackle other couple four letter words, just knit.


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