My Knitting and Crochet Time. Knitting and Crochet Blog Week.

Author: Jacqueline

My knitting time at home revolves around the simple concept of locating and snuggling up with a kitty. I know this is neither original nor inspiring but I love the distracted look on a kitty’s face when it discovers yarn.

This phenomenon started at my house many years ago with the knitting machine. Riley used to sit on the back of the table and watch the yarn unwind from the cone in a consistent and rhythmical pattern up to the yarn holder and back down to the machine. He was never afraid of the machine’s sounds, simply fascinated by the contraption keeping yarn in constant motion, just for him.

More recently, Ruby  has taken to lounging with my knitting. She often shimmies into my knitting bag finding the end of an unused ball of yarn to declare as her personal toy. I think she likes the textures and softness from the yarn piles and the fact that I am usually curled up somewhere cozy and comfy as well. I like her company and apparent interest in what I am doing. There’s also something unique about the perspective of the cats when they are up so close and mixed in with the yarn. I often take photographs or call others in to look when Ruby is snuggled between the needles. The photos never turn out spot on, it is usually evening, low light or a combination of both. Whenever I move to get a real camera, the kitties move, so I’m often juggling between a stitch count app on my IPhone and the camera mode, to snap grainy kitty shots. The combination of kitty, yarn and knitting always makes for visually interesting shapes and colour combinations.

Knitting time usually turns into kitty time which is fine by me. The kitties might be drawn to the fact that while knitting, I am relatively still for extended periods of time. Or, maybe they know I might be making something for them. 


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