Look what came in the mail today!

Crafty treats always inspire us. While it is the season to gift others, this week, Jacqueline’s Etsy acquisition is a little something for herself!

When mail comes to the office, it is often bills, inventory or office supplies. Sometimes, especially around the holidays, our Fedex, Purolator and Canada Post delivery trucks come more often, with lovely little treats. This is what I got this week.

It’s a pincushion ring, in pumpkin vanilla. It came in a lovely box, with a sweet card and some holiday gift cards. The pins were even Soakworthy colors. I just love it. It’s made by Liz Smith, who has a company called Made in Lowell.

It even had the perfect hangtag and ribbon. I love the little details. I can’t wait to wear it over the holiday when I work on my sewing and quilting projects.

It’s the little things in life that are the most rewarding. I hope you’ll find some time to treat yourself over the holiday. Share your Soakworthy craft finds with us, we love to see them!

Yup, I’m already wearing it at the office.


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