Meet Holly, Our Newest Soak Contributor!

Hi, I’m Holly, and used to be an awful lingerie washer. I was one of those people who put all my bras through the washing machine and the dryer, and then wondered why the wires popped out six months later. Which didn’t really matter, because most of them didn’t fit properly anyway.

Years later (read: now), I’m a professional lingerie copywriter, blogger, and collector. I also wash everything the right way: by hand. I’m the owner and copywriter behind The Full Figured Chest and I was recently named the number one lingerie copywriter on the Internet by The Lingerie Journal. When I’m not working for clients, I write several columns for places like The Lingerie Addict, Bella Bella Boutique, and multiple trade journals. I’m really excited to be writing for Soak, as I currently have an entire shelf in my house dedicated to Soak products.

I first found Soak as a lingerie wash, but later discovered that there’s a whole knitting community of there who love it as well. I can’t wait to get to know all of you, but today I thought I’d start with some of my personal favorites from the Soak line. I’ll also talk a little bit about how I use them on a daily or weekly basis.

First up is The Phil Basin. Before I discovered Soak, I was washing my lingerie in a plastic tub from target. While this worked on a technical level, it was really hard to fit a lot in and really get things clean. The Phil Basin makes all of that much easier. I use it as a laundry hamper for my lingerie during the week, and then do one big wash on the weekend. The Phil Basin is large enough for me to wash a week’s worth or more of lingerie (and I go through an awful lot of it due to review samples) without resorting to my sink or bathtub. I’m not sure what amount it technically holds, but as my 20 pound springer spaniel mix dog has taken to hanging out in it recently I suspect it’s big enough for anyone’s needs. As an added bonus, it keeps my guy happy since he doesn’t have to deal with worrying about separating my lingerie from the rest of the wash.

As far as scents go, I’m currently alternating between the Citrus scent and the Lacey scent. I was a little nervous about the Lacey scent at first, because my strongest association with bergamot is Earl Grey tea, but it smells wonderful and light. The Citrus scent is a great pick me up, and I love how it hangs around once my lingerie is neatly stacked back in my drawers.

Last up is the Heel foot cream tubs. I’m currently on Spearmint, but I’m definitely going to grab some of the Cucumber scent this month. I’ve got incredibly sensitive skin, but these creams are thick and feel great. I use mine at least once a day as a pick me up or a way to relax. I’d honestly love to see Soak put out a full range of cosmetic products like bubble baths and body creams.

I’ll be back once a month writing about the lingerie world and Soak, so please leave a comment and say hi! I can’t wait to get to know all of you. If you’ve got any lingerie or lingerie washing questions, leave them in the comments as well. I’ll come back through and answer them all individually in the next few days.


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