Soakbox Knit-A-Long: Double Pointe Pink

Over the next few weeks we are running a knit-a-long for the four patterns in our Soakboxes. We will be posting detailed information on each of the patterns as well as fun things you can do with your Soakboxes for yourself, as a gift and as a group. You can order a kit from us directly, just click on the link on the right, or you can ask for it by name from your local yarn store. May your hands be soft, fibers fresh and nails match your knits!


Due to the cable along the front half of the mitt, the Double Pointe Pink may require some adjustments to avoid laddering between the needles. If you want to read more about laddering, we have some suggestions about it on out Clark Cable post. The biggest difference between the two patterns is that this design has cabling only on the front of the mitt, so it is much easier to avoid unsightly stitches. The best thing to do is to make sure that all the gaps between needles happen on other part of the mitt. This would work fairly well for the beginning portion of the mitt, but due to the wrist shaping there is a section that only has about 14 stitches on the back half. If you are using double pointed needles that would leave you 36 stitches on one needle and 7 or less on the other two! Now, that’s not a very comfortable knitting situation.

To avoid it you could shift the stitches around a bit just for those few rows where there aren’t as many stitches and watch for any laddering. This is also a perfect example of magic loop or two circulars being a good technique to know, as it would reduce some of the awkwardness.


Rnd 14 Written Instructions should read: Rnd 14: K4, p11, k6, p11, k4. The charted instructions are correct.


Double Pointe Pink

I-cord is the technique that is used to make the cords that tie on the back of the hand.

It sounds like a strange and silly technique, but it is really quite easy. Pick up four stitches as instructed in the pattern, then slide them to the other end of your dpn or circular needle. Then knit into the first stitch, pulling the yarn tightly across the back of your work. Once you have knit the four stitches, slide them back to the end of the needle and start again. That’s all there is to it! Because there are so few stitches, it will curl up into a little tube. It is much easier to work i-cord than to try and knit in the round on four needles with so few stitches!


We have already found a few blog posts about knitting up Soakboxes. Check out this one with gorgeous photos of finished Double Pointe Pink gloves!


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