Soak Holiday Gift Guide

Lately we have been talking so much about Soakboxes, the rest of our Soak family started to feel left out! Keeping in the theme of last weeks knit-a-long post about Soakbox gift ideas, we thought it would be fun to talk about some other great Soak themed gifts.

Of course there is the gift of our regular Soak bottles. We already know how much those who knit, sew, crochet and quilt love our wash. It is also a great gift for non-crafters who appreciate fine clothes and lingerie. I will be giving a bottle to my uncle this year, as he accidentally felted a scarf I knit for my cousin a few years ago. No excuses now!

All four of our scents come in 14 oz and 3 oz bottles. The large size is great for a dedicated crafter, while the 3 oz size is perfect for travellers or to try out a new scent.

Scentless - For your sensitive side

As a bonus for the holidays we are making a gift pack of our 3 oz Soak and Handmaid bottles. The pack will have one bottle of  each in one scent, all tied up with a pretty bow. We are calling them twosomes! You can find the twosome option for each scent under the Soakbox category on the website.

Holiday Giftsets

My favourite gift for this year is probably going to be the Minisoaks. I plan on slipping one into everyone’s stocking. They are also a great addition to a handmade or delicate care gift. We put so much care and time into making these gifts, it makes sense to give the gift of good garment care as well! The packs of 12 or 50 assorted minisoaks are great for mixing and matching.

We also have sample sizes of our cucumber Heel. It would make a great addition to a pair of socks.

Mini Soaks

Our Labels of Love would also make a great stocking stuffer for a maker in your life. However, they might come in handy to put on your handmade item before you give it away. Having the care instructions written on the label means that your precious gifts have a better chance of not getting thrown in the machine by an unsuspecting relative. Each pack includes 12 care labels and 4 sayings.  a label of love- I made this

I grabbed a little bit of extra yarn we had lying around and made this cute little pack. You could easily wrap it up both up as an easy hostess gift.

Mini Soak and Labels

We love the bright colours of our Carrie and Phil bins. They work perfectly for washing out delicates with Soak, but they also make for great storage. The bright colours would fit right in as a toy bin in a kids room, great for hats and mitts by the door, or to hold your yarn and fabric stash. The handles mean that they are easy to move from room to room. Great for crafters and kids on the go!


We just released a new design of our Stick and Soak Temporary Tattoos. We got great feedback about what you liked and didn’t like about the tattoos, and then made them even better.

Temporary Tattoos

What is on your list of gifts to give and receive?


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  3. Kristin Johnston says:

    I just saw your product on Dragons Den and I instantly came online to check out and buy your products. I thought you did a great job and I will spread the word about your wonderful company in Saskatoon Sk. 🙂

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