Soakbox Knit-A-Long: Q & A

Over the next few weeks we are running a knit-a-long for the four patterns in our Soakboxes. We will be posting detailed information on each of the patterns as well as fun things you can do with your Soakboxes for yourself, as a gift and as a group. You can order a kit from us directly, just click on the link on the right, or you can ask for it by name from your local yarn store. May your hands be soft, fibers fresh and nails match your knits!

Question: I ordered the Cuff Au Lait kit, and the yarn is purple while everything else is brown. Is it supposed to be that way?

Answer: Yes, and no. The yarn for Cuff Au Lait is an eggplant sort of colour. All of the yarns in our Soakboxes come from Lorna’s Laces, who dye by hand in small batches. This means that the colours are all semi-solids with variations in tone and colour. It also means that there is a greater margin for what a colour will look like from batch to batch compared to commercially dyed yarns. Sometimes we get a batch that is more brown, sometimes it is more purple. We have worked with Lorna’s Laces and all of the yarn that comes to us has been approved by them as being within their acceptable range for a colour. The wonderful thing about this is that no two skeins are exactly alike, so each mitt that gets made is one of a kind!

Question: What was the inspiration for each pattern?

Answer: Fiona Ellis tells us all about her pattern influences for the Soakboxes on our Ravelry forum.

“I designed each pattern to go with the “mood” for each colourway. Fun & flirty for the aquae (Lace Kelly), evening elegance for the dark red (Clark Cable), demure and ultra feminine for the pale pink (Double Pointe Pink), everyday throw ‘em on with your jeans for the brown (Cuff au Lait)…”

Question: Should I be worried about knitting the whole mitt out of one ball? What if I need more?

Answer: You should have no problem knitting a whole pair of mitts out of the yarn provided! Clark Cable is the only pattern where we didn’t have a lot of extra yarn, so make sure to check your gauge to make sure it isn’t too loose. Loose gauge will take up more yarn, and so would run a greater risk of running out. These four colours are exclusive to Soak, so the only way to get them is in the kits.

Question: I love the scent of the Soak products in my box! Where can I get more/see what other products and scents you offer?

Answer: We have a fully stocked online shop where you can check out all our products. We also have a store locator with a list of stockists from around the world so that you can see if there is a shop local to you that carries Soak.

P.S. Don’t forget that our online promotion for free shipping within continental US and Canada ends on Tuesday December 11 at midnight! This is also your last chance for pre-holiday orders!

Question: I have more questions about Soakboxes and I want to see what everyone else is doing, where can I find more information?

Answer: You can always ask us here in the comments, or by email. The best place to go is probably the Ravelry group. Fiona Ellis and Natalie Selles (our resident knitting wiz) check the forum frequently for knitting and other questions. We love to hear what you are doing with your kits all along the way. Come and join us!


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