Weekly Affirmation: Nautilus Rescue

Every Thursday we post a comment, tweet, email or secret message we’ve received from one of our Soakworthy customers (stores, fans, consumers, friends). Sometimes, on a rough day, it’s really helpful to read an inspiring message from someone in our community. Someone who appreciates what we do. Someone who is as passionate about Soak as we are. We appreciate all the love that comes our way. Really we do.

The great thing about the internet is being able to follow along with people’s projects (and emergencies!) as they happen. Yesterday we got a desperate tweet from June of @planetjune.

“Oh no! I got blue ink on my yellow (crocheted) Nautilus! Hoping @soakwash can perform a magic rescue… #amigurumicatastrophe”

We waited with fingers crossed to hear if the ink would come out. Sure enough, there was another tweet an hour or so later.

“My amigurumi Nautilus is now damp, but all the ink came out and he smells lovely (I used @soakwash in Aquae, appropriately). Phew!”

Phew indeed! We are so glad to hear that the toy was not ruined. Thank-you for including us!


2 Comments on “Weekly Affirmation: Nautilus Rescue”

  1. It was a miracle fix – I didn’t really think it’d work, but I was very happy to be proved wrong! You can see the Nautilus in question here (the yellow one):
    It would’ve been a real shame if he’d been ruined, but Soak came through yet again 🙂

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