Weekly Affirmation: Spring Cleaning

Every Thursday we post a comment, tweet, email or secret message we’ve received from one of our Soakworthy customers (stores, fans, consumers, friends). Sometimes, on a rough day, it’s really helpful to read an inspiring message from someone in our community. Someone who appreciates what we do. Someone who is as passionate about Soak as we are. We appreciate all the love that comes our way. Really we do.


We’ve had a slow start to spring here in Southern Ontario. It’s not like it is always bright and sunny the moment March 20 rolls around, but we always seem to hope that this year will be different, this year it will be spring earlier than the last. We hope to put away our sweaters and hats and mittens and scarves and to slip into floral dresses and regular shoes. This means that it is extra dissapointing in the first few weeks when the snow is still falling and the temperature is stubbornly stuck around freezing. It seems as if we will be stuck in winter forever!

Shall We Knit, a yarn store in Ontario, posted this on Twitter a few days ago. The weater might not be here yet, but we’ll be ready when it is!

“Spring is coming (it has to right?) so I am going to get some of my summer sweaters ready! @soakwash and me!”


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