The Workroom at City of Craft

CUTE!! @art_attic stitched up the Horned Owl doll.

One of our favourite local Toronto events are the City of Craft shows. I could not be happier that they have decided to start doing a Spring show on April 20, in addition to their usual Winter one!

Our local sewing shop, The Workroom, is going to have a booth. They are going to be selling Soakboxes and Soak in both 3oz and 14oz bottles. They have all 5 scents, so this is a great opportunity to check out the our new Yuzu in person.

The Workroom will also have a number of products by local artists, such as these super cute  Kiriki Press Embroidery Kits, Uppercase Magazine and sewing patterns by Victory Patterns.
Victory Patterns


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