Weekly Affirmation: Easy Peasy

Every Thursday we post a comment, tweet, email or secret message we’ve received from one of our Soakworthy customers (stores, fans, consumers, friends). Sometimes, on a rough day, it’s really helpful to read an inspiring message from someone in our community. Someone who appreciates what we do. Someone who is as passionate about Soak as we are. We appreciate all the love that comes our way. Really we do.

Another affirmation from The Shopping Channel reviews!

“This product has made my life sooo much easier. I just fill the sink and toss my sweaters in with it for 30 minutes or so, and they’re good to go; not to mention the fact that all the fragrances are absolutely delicious. I wish that I had it all winter. I have one favorite cashmere sweater that I would have worn every day!”


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