Weekly Affirmation: Dotti Potts

Every Thursday we post a comment, tweet, email or secret message we’ve received from one of our Soakworthy customers (stores, fans, consumers, friends). Sometimes, on a rough day, it’s really helpful to read an inspiring message from someone in our community. Someone who appreciates what we do. Someone who is as passionate about Soak as we are. We appreciate all the love that comes our way. Really we do.

You might not know this, but Jacqueline Sava (our Director of Possibilities here at Soak), also consults with other small artistic businesses. She works with them to help find out how they can streamline their packaging, marketing and media approaches so that they can expand and develop to their full potential. Jacqueline worked most recently with Sandra Silberman of Dotti Potts. We received this message from her a few weeks ago.

“Had my first session with business coach Jac Sava, wow my brain is over flowing with new knowledge and excitement about taking my business to the next level. Thank you, you were fantastic, I look forward to our next meeting!”

You can read more about Jacqueline’s experiences working with Dotti Potts and other businesses on her (new but growing) blog, Maker to Making a Living.


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