Blocking Hand Knits

Blocking is the easiest, fastest way to take your knitting to the next level.

Finish knitting projects so that they look, fit and feel as wonderful as you imagined.

Craftsy offers a wide selection of online crafting classes from the best instructors from around the world.

This Craftsy class is taught by Kate Atherley, She teaches the importance of blocking, with her favorite blocking tools, our Phil basin and Soak Wash.

Katie is Knitty’s lead technical editor, author of two books, Beyond Knit and Purl and Beyond Accessories: Essentials and Variations. She regularly contributes to magazines and as regular gigs at The Purple Purl and Lettuce Knit.

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Here’s what Kate is saying about the Craftsy class: it’s all about blocking. It’s such an important thing, but it’s often missed because knitters aren’t sure what it is, what the value is, and how to do it. I address all three, and show amazing easy and fun ways to make your hand knits look their best.



Here’s what others are saying about Kate’s class;

The Class that Made Me Realize I was Going about Blocking All Wrong

by librarian_kate on December 12, 2013

One of the best Craftsy classes on the platform – and should be required for every knitter! Kate’s class made me realize I was going about blocking the wrong way, particularly with smaller items like socks and gloves. I happened to finish some projects while taking the class, and put her instruction right into practice. What a difference! Highly recommended for new and veteran fiber artists.

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