Handmade Ryan Gosling

We love you @HandmadeRyan. Thanks for including Soak! Goes to show we’re truly embedded in the knitting community as the leading wash!

Source: handmaderyangosling.tumblr.com via Jacqueline on Pinterest


Travelling Soak – Southern Africa

One of the best parts of my job is reading emails from happy customers. I especially enjoy them when there are photos attached that show all the great soakworthy items that they are caring for with Soak.

Last year, I had a customer call and tell me that our mini-soaks were great for her son who is a volunteer with the Peace Corps over in Southern Africa. After chatting with her for a bit, I mentioned that I would love it if she could send me some photos for our blog and then just last week, I opened my inbox to find these great photos! She had a difficult time getting him to send her photos (I believe due to the lack of computer and internet connection on his end), so she had waited until her trip to visit him to take these photos. 

There is very limited running water where he is stationed so doing laundry can be quite a challenge.

When doing your laundry at home, we do recommend using enough water so that your garments can move around freely.

We hope all the best for her son! You can visit this link for information about joining the Peace Corps. Continue making my day by sending me your Soak photos! ngoc@soakwash.com.

Meet our new BFF

Ailie, our National Account Manager came to visit yesterday with Katie, her lovely new daughter. Best wishes to Ailie, Katie and their entire family!  We look forward to her return to the office. The library has already been fitted for a play pen. I’m feeling the need to also secure some dragon-fly night lights and other fun crafty decorations.

This is the quilt I made Katie. She’s such a snuggle bunny. It was love at first sight.