Monkey baths

Caroline, our new office administrator, has been sharing Soak with all her family and friends. I loved this photo of her nephew’s monkey. Because he carries this monkey everywhere, her sister-in-law had to wait until he was peacefully asleep before she could sneak in and grab the monkey.  He looks like he was really enjoying his relaxing Soak bath.

Remember, Soak is gentle and non-toxic, so it’s great for all of your children’s clothing, stuffed animals, and baby blankets.


Last Chance to buy Sola

We were going through our warehouse the last week and came across our last few bottles of the limited edition fragrance, Sola. We’ve been holding on to these bottles as they have all been specially signed by Amy Butler herself. Since we’ve had some customers asking us if we will carry Sola again so we’ve decided to put the rest of our stock online. Order your bottle today before they are all gone from

Lacey, she sure has kept us busy.

Meet Lacey. The newest fragrance in the Soak family. She’s an original. A new design. Front runner in a new look for Soak, just in time for an array of summer events. Stick with her. She’s going places.

lacey soakFirst things first. What does it smell like? That’s always the first question. Before commenting on how pretty the bottle is, before the new design, before availability. This modern scent combines spring blossoms with sweet bergamot creating a light yet alluring fragrance. Lovely, in a word. Just lovely.

You’ll start to see bottles pop up at local shops, in magazines and online.  While you wait for it to show up in your local shop, you can purchase it online at our shop. Own a shop? Email Chris to get a case sent out immediately.

Feedback from the front line? So far, it’s all fantastic.

Becky, manager at La Maison d’Eva Fine Lingerie says, “LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lacey! It has almost sold out, everyone loves it! Love the bottle design too, it’s pretty and looks very chic.”  
Secrets from your Sister staff say, “The labels look great!!!”

Our favorite tweet thus far, from hand-dyed yarn company Lorna’s Laces when they saw the first photos, “I wish my computer had scratch and sniff!”

You may notice that Lacey has many personalities. She’s unique, yet different. We’ve worked long and hard to develop a unique production process allowing us to have a series of bottle designs for each new fragrance. You can collect them. They’ll appear and deliver randomly. More on that later.

We’re also working with leading edge designers, including Tall Poppy, who designed the graphics for our first new bottle. We’ll feature each designer in upcoming posts as we introduce both them and our unique design process. You’ll simply fall over when you hear about the roster of designers we’ve got lined up. Trust me, you’ll jump for joy, start collecting bottles and twirl with excitement over our upcoming designs.

This summer our first stop is Sock Summit in booth 607.  Catch Carrie and Phil, Heel and of course Lacey at our booth. Meet Ngoc, our marketing coordinator. This’ll be her first big show. She’ll be there with knitter extraordinaire, Chris. Where’s Jacqueline you ask? She’ll be heading up the booth at Curve (lingerie show, for the knitters out there) in New York.  Soak will be in booth 427.

Later in the summer, after some much deserved rest (and a lot of shipping) we’ll be at the NorthWest NeedleArts Market in Seattle, then at Vogue KNitting Live in LA. Fall will be here before we know it, bringing more new scents, innovations and great ideas you’ve come to expect from the experts at Soak.


Lacey. All six of her.

Meet Lacey


Here she is, our newest fragrance, Lacey. She’s a material girl, soft and sweet. One glance and you’ll fall in love. Invite her home and you’ll never let her go. We are at her first photo shoot. You’ll see more from her over the next few days!