Soothe your Soles- Holiday gifts from Soak

Soothe your Soles Group

New product, just in time for holiday.Gift sets with Heel and Solemate sock yarn from Lorna’s Laces. Who could ask for anything more? Oh yah, there’s a mini-soak inside too.Order them through Lorna’s Laces.Watch for them at your LYS this holiday season.Much love and happy feet. -Soak.

Stick & Soak tattoos

As you may have heard, we are now selling knitting inspired tattoos. From frogs, to yarn balls, to rulers, these tattoos are great as stocking stuffers, treats for guilds, or just to share with your knitting friends. We made this quick video to show you how easy they are to apply and how great they look on.

Buy your own sheet at

Photoshoot Friday

Jacqueline smiling for the camera

We had a busy Friday morning as we posed for photos and made instructional videos. Jessica Lin came in to take photos for our editorial in Crave Toronto. Crave is a great urban guide that highlights events, must-have products, and great places to visit within the city. Since we were already being friendly with the camera, we thought we’d make a few ‘how to’ videos to answer some of the questions that we’ve had from customers. This week we focused on how to wash silk and hand-made craft accessories. Next week we’ll focus on lace and big bulky sweaters. Stay tuned to see them on our Youtube channel. Let us know if there are any specific materials or garments that you would like to see Soaked.

Inked in LA.

As many of you may have heard, we launched our newest product, Stick & Soak tattoos, over the weekend at Vogue Knitting Live. We wanted to share some of the fun photos we took of the fantastic people that stopped by our booth and got ‘inked’. Do you recognize any of these faces?

Didn’t get a chance to buy a sheet at VKLive? You can order yours today at

Roadtrip Project -part 2

It wasn’t far down the coast when I realized my fancy new needles wouldn’t hold all my stitches. One of the yarn reps back in Seattle had suggested circulars, but I favored Rosewood.


I used my handy-dandy ravelry app to find a nearby LYS and lucked out at T-Spot in Manzanita. We were just passing it when I saw it pop up on the map. Circular needles, here we go!


I started again, loving the pattern.


And continued knitting along the coast. I think I’ll wear it tomorrow! Might have to make another one too! The drop stitches are lovely and the color matches my coastal trip perfectly.


Roadtrip project #1

We are on the road.


After a successful weekend at the North West Needle Market in Seattle, we are heading down the coast towards LA for VKLive. While I have my new socks to knit, I found a new and quick car-friendly pattern. I was saying a quick hello to my friends at Be Sweet and fell in love with this sailor inspired t-shirt yarn. I’m at The Commodore Hotel in Astoria this morning (thanks to Sarah @ Lille boutique in Portland for the recommendation!) so perhaps it’s the proximity to ocean that drew me in, or the fact that this lovely necklace is just my kind of accessory: fun, fashionable, unique and crafty. My friends at Lantern Moon hooked me up with some needles and with a local map in-hand, I’m off to cast-on.

See you soon!

From Maker to Making a Living

Do you ever feel like your entrepreneurial skills are not up to par with your creative instinct? Do you wish there had been just one business class at art school? Are you facing more questions than answers related to your craft business? Our very own Jacqueline Sava has the solutions for you.

From Maker to Making a Living is a workshop series designed to guide craftspeople through the process of understanding, designing and building their individual businesses. Led by maker and award winning business leader Jacqueline Sava, attendees will be guided through an eight-part series of lectures, exercises and activities focused on the development of their own craft-based business practices.

The knowledge and skills obtained in these workshops will allow makers to successfully balance their personal craft philosophies with the realities of marketing, selling and profiting from their businesses. At the end of the workshop series, each craftsperson will have a custom plan to ensure a successful transition from where they are to where they want to be, and balance their personal craft philosophy with the realities of marketing, selling and profiting from business.

WHEN: From Maker to Making a Living will take place as eight evening sessions between 6:30 – 8:30 pm on the following dates, in Toronto, ON Canada:
Monday, October 3: Myth busting. Making money is okay.
Tuesday, October 4: Options. Exploring without losing your soul.
Tuesday, October 11: Personal branding. Understanding your purpose.
Wednesday, October 12: Business goals. Defining a vision.
Monday, October 17: Costing per product. Am I really making money?
Tuesday, October 18: Costing in general. All the other expenses.
Monday, October 24: Selling. Wholesale, retail, pricing, and all that jazz.
Tuesday, October 25: Charting the course. Deciding which way to go.

To register for this course, visit the Ontario Crafts Council website here.