Handmaid. A luxury hand creme from the experts at Soak.

Occasionally, we work on top-secret projects, to bring you new and useful products. We’ve spent the past few months cooking up such luxuries as our new hand creme. Enjoy.

Apply sparingly. Rub thoroughly. Get back to it.

It’s as simple as that. Available in your favorite (and current) Soak scents, aquae, celebration, lacey and of course, scentless. This little gem of a bottle is our new 3oz (yes, flight friendly, for your knitting bag, purse, toiletry case or weekender bag) 100% post-consumer resin bottle. It’s perfect for you, and the environment.

Ask for it by name, at your LYS. Invite your favorite lingerie or gift shop to start selling it. If you are a Soak retailer (or would like to become one) and want to start carrying Handmaid, let us know.

You can also find Handmaid on our website, if you just can’t wait to give your hands the love they deserve.

Handmaid is also part of another project we’ve been working on. Watch in the coming days, for updates and details on our newest project. We’re pretty excited, and we know you will be too!


Spot cleaning with Soak.

Tonight I’m spot cleaning my dining room chairs, with Soak. I’ve got my favorite bottle of Aquae, a wash cloth and a bowl with Soak diluted in warm water. I’ve got a few stains. They’ll soon be gone. Some patience, elbow grease and Soak ensures my chairs are clean and smell great.

Directions: Dilute a cap full of Soak in a mixing bowl with warm water. Dip the cloth in water. Clean the material with quick firm circles removing dirt from the surface. Try not to over saturate wih water Allow the cushion to dry for at least 24 hours before reassembling chair.


I also keep a bowl of clean water handy to wash the cloth, and to ensure I’m not using too much Soak and to make sure I’m not simply spreading the stain around. It’s not fancy, but it is simple, environmentally friendly and it works!

Happy Sunday cleaning!

Weekly Affirmation | meet Melissa

Every Thursday we post a comment, tweet, email or secret message we’ve received from one of our Soakworthy customers (stores, fans, consumers, friends). Sometimes, on a rough day, it’s really helpful to read an inspiring message from someone in our community. Someone who appreciates what we do. Someone who is as passionate about Soak as we are. We appreciate all the love that comes our way. Really we do. 

@Jacqueline_Soak I just bought a new bra and they wanted me to buy their lingerie wash. I declined since I had a big bottle of Soak at home.”

Thanks for the twitter love Melissa. This is one of Melissa’s lovely designs called Lily’s Lilies.

Melissa, knitwear designer: Soakworthy.

Handmade Ryan Gosling

We love you @HandmadeRyan. Thanks for including Soak! Goes to show we’re truly embedded in the knitting community as the leading wash!

Source: handmaderyangosling.tumblr.com via Jacqueline on Pinterest

Exciting delivery.

We received an envelope this morning and much to our enjoyment, it was the April Spring issue of Martha Stewart Living. Flip to page 38 and you’ll find Soak featured under “75 Spectacular Spring Things”!

It’s been an exciting day for us media-wise as we’ve received news that we’re also in Chatalaine for the April Issue as well on page 89! We haven’t seen it ourselves yet but you can bet we’ll be picking up the issue.

I have been reminded of Spring all morning. First it was the brightly coloured fabrics shown on Red Pepper Quilt’s blog. And then these magazine spring issues. Not to mention the sunny skies and melting snow. If you’re anything like me, and can’t wait for spring cleaning time (not because I enjoy cleaning, but because it means warmer weather is just around the corner) than perhaps a brightly coloured Carrie or Phil basin can help you with a few jobs around the house.

Spring uses for Carrie and Phil

Clean your blinds. Fill up a basin with some warm water and Soak and dip a wash cloth in the water to wipe down your blinds. It’s amazing how much dust can accumulate on each blade. 

Wash your winter accessories. Carrie’s larger size makes her great for hand washing several pairs of mittens, scarves and hats all at the same time.

If you are a big gardener, the basins are great for outdoor use. They are great for holding soil and fertilizer or to keep your bulbs and roots in one place.

Do you have any other ideas of uses for our vibrant basins? We’d love to hear them.

101 things to do with Soak |040 dolls and toy animals.

Dolls, toys, and fake acrylic hair.

This wonderful photo was posted on our facebook wall by one of our customers. She had filled her bathtub with water and Soak and let her dolls take a nice relaxing swim.

During the holidays, I had a ‘my little pony’ that I wanted to include with a friend’s gift. They’ve completely changed the way these ponies look and I wanted one that was similar to the one he used to play with as a kid. I bought a used one online and wondered if the fake acrylic pony hair would make it through a shampoo. I figured if worse came to worse, I could buy another pony so I grabbed my Soak and a toothbrush and got to work.

The tooth brush was great to get into the little crevices and in the pony ears. I put a tiny bit of Soak in the pony hair and gently lathered.

I gave the hair a quick brush when it was drying to detangle it and left it standing on a towel to air dry.

Once the pony dried, she looked as good as new! The hair was soft and shiny and smelled delicious! Thank you Celebration Soak.

He had a good laugh when he opened his present and saw the pretty pony sitting on top.

Heels, hand-knit socks, and photo shoots.

 Author: Ngoc

I’m fascinated by photography and lighting. I find photo shoots extremely interesting and just the other week, I was able to go to another photo shoot for our newest product, Heel – foot cream for feet worthy of hand-knit socks. 

I am always impressed by the whole process and the beautiful results that we get. The above photograph was professionally taken by Jessica, our wonderful photographer. The following images are from my camera as I documented our day.

The day started off with a quick brainstorming session of different pose ideas so that Jessica could get an idea of how to set up the backdrop and what lighting we would need. We then tried on some of the hand-knit socks that were designed and made by Kate Atherley, a Toronto based knitter, designer and teacher. I never understood the fascination/obsession with hand-knit socks until that morning. They were beautiful and comfortable and hugged my feet in this way that only hand-knit socks can. Some of our Heel labels will feature Kate’s beautiful socks. If you are thinking of a fun gift idea for your favourite knitter, why not pair a tub of Heel with the accompanying sock pattern? Visit Kate’s online store for her designs.  

Esther and I were the lucky feet models for the day. After a few hours of tippy toes, pointing, and stretching, I have gained a new appreciation for feet models. I don’t know whether my feet and toes are just terribly out of shape or what, but after holding a pose for 10 mins with slight movements, I started to get cramps galore. As we looked at the images appearing on the computer screen, it was fascinating to see how the slightest movement in the toes or the smallest change in the direction that your feet were pointing could completely change the feel and attitude of the image.  

I am always impressed by a beautiful photograph and am constantly asking for tips and advice on how to improve my own photography skills. I find that once in a while, I’ll fluke into a decent photo. I am still striving to take that one photograph that I am proud enough to display on my wall but alas, nothing as of yet.

Here are a few of the tips that I’ve gathered along the way.

1. Welcome to the wonderful world of digital. Just snap away. For every wonderful photo you see, that person probably took 90 mediocre ones. Take a lot of photos. Look at them and figure out what you did wrong, what you like about them, and what you should do differently next time.

2. Catch the light. When photographing people, spin them around and look at their eyes. Stop spinning them once the eyes catch the light.

3. Photos don’t always need to be artistically beautiful. They are about capturing your memories and emotions. A photo might not be impressive to anyone else, but if it brings you back to a wonderful moment or invokes certain wonderful emotions in you, then it’s a good photograph.

4. A good camera and a good lens doesn’t equal a good photograph. I’ve seen people take wonderful photographs with their camera phones. There is so much more to photography than just the equipment.

5. If you’re new to the SLR world, take the time to learn about ISO, aperture, and shutter speeds. Don’t waste a perfectly wonderful camera by only shooting on auto. Try manual. It will open up a wonderful new world.

Do you have any fun photography tips? Please share, I’d love to hear them.

101 things to do with Soak | 007 Cleaning makeup brushes

Author: Hannah (our co-op student)

As a girl who applies a bit of makeup daily, I can vouch for the importance of keeping your brushes clean. I use at least two different types of brushes every day so by the end of the week, there is a lot of bacteria, oil and make up residue built up on these brushes.

Keeping your brushes clean will help prolong its life and help with smooth application of makeup. Here at the Soak office, we discovered that Soak does a great job at keeping brushes clean.
You can plug your sink and fill it with a bit of water and add a small squirt of Soak. Less than half a teaspoon is sufficient.
Gently swirl and wipe the brushes being sure not to press too hard or you may cause the bristles to misshapen. We would also recommend you not leave your brushes in to soak as it may cause the glue that holds the bristles together to loosen. After gently swirling, you can see all the old makeup that was in your brush come out in the water.
Gently wipe your brush against a paper towel or cloth to dry it off a bit. Then leave it lying on a cloth to air dry. I personally take a piece of paper towel and wrap the brush head to help maintain the shape as it air dries.
This test was done using MAC cosmetic brushes. We love our MAC brushes and keeping them clean with Soak will help them last for years.

101 things you can do with Soak |004 Wash Stinky Hockey Gear

Author: Ngoc

I’m sure many of you are coming down from your Olympic high. I’m not normally a huge sports fan but for the past 3 weeks, you wouldn’t know it. I was filled with Canadian pride while cheering hard for the home team. I’m still pumped about our gold medal wins in both women’s and men’s hockey so it only seems appropriate to dedicate this week’s posting to Canada’s game. 

If you play hockey, or have had the pleasure of living with someone who plays hockey, you can understand how bad the equipment can start to smell. Now my friend’s helmet had about 3 years of sweat accumulated inside of it and smelled so bad that he was considering just purchasing a new one altogether. So I suggested that he give Soak the chance to save the helmet and use the money he saves to take me to dinner. 

Before Washing 


Now the helmet and gloves just float on the surface so we had to dunk it down every once in a while. You could just put something heavy on top to keep them submerged in water while they soak.

Now there are mixed reviews on whether or not you should submerge your helmet in water as some of the adhesive may loosen. So although I did it with much success, please try this at your own risk. I figured, while we were at it, the hockey gloves could also use a good cleaning. In hindsight, we should have just filled up the whole tub and threw in all the equipment.DunkingHelmet
Now I did read that most hockey gear can be thrown in the washing machine, however, hand washing will prolong its life. Considering how expensive hockey gear can get, the longer you can make it last, the better. 


Look at how brown that dirty water is! To think, all that was from his helmet and his gloves! GROSS!

Click here for a treat!

Here he is wearing the clean helmet and ready to hit the ice!

Now although soaking it did get rid of almost all of the stench, if you sniffed really closely, you could get a hint of some lingering odors. A second soak may take care of this, but compared to how awful the helmet and gloves smelled beforehand, I’d call it a great success. Try it for yourself and tell me about your success stories.

It’s Friday and I’m bagged. Week 2: Bag that bra.

Author: Jacqueline

Grab a coffee or tea and join us each Friday, to learn how these Soak worthy bags came to be. Are you bagged? Send us your favorite bag. If we feature it here, we’ll send you a Soak gift pack, in a pretty bag, of course!

Meet Brachic. Located on Richmond Street in Ottawa, Ontario, Brachic packages the perfect bra in the perfect pink bag. When I bought my insanely beautiful and comfortable purple bra (Salome) during my last visit, I was captivated by Marianne (the owner extraordinaire) as well as her staff, her store and her shopping bags.

While the store is simply lovely, the fitting rooms are brilliant. One even has a cork board for fitting women to exchange business cards! Each has a unique theme to make every woman feel at home.
I brought my pink bag back to the office and I just can’t part with it. It has the style and durability of a re-usable bag, but it’s crisp lines and un-tarnished surface makes it more suited to visual display than daily carry-along. So, we’ve decided to use it as a mini-soak display. 

We also shopped and danced ’till we dropped with Marianne at the CurveNY Lingerie trade and fashion show in NY… but that’s a story for another day. Does your shop have a unique and lovely bag? Merchandise with it. Don’t forget to send us the pics!